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Man of the Cloth Closet

When they say Papa Joe is a "man of the cloth", they aren't kidding! Anyone whose seen this "Demonoid of Doom" live, knows he's almost as fanatical about his threads as he is about "Bob". So if clothes make the man, Papa Joe's clothes make the maniac! Have a look and see why Papa Joe consistently wins the Subgenius X-day "Dressed to Kill" award. (Tap photos for more images.)

Death Smock w/ Cloak

Papa Joe makes a point using the Black Book and wearing popular "Death Smock & Cape".


Anti PC Police Police Uniform

Pissing off the Pinks by wearing the infamous "Anti-P.C. Police" police uniform.


Demon Fux Tux

Wearing standard Afterlife Issue Tux w/ (forked) tails. (Sarasota, 1994)


Dress Blacks

Striking a Napoleon pose in formal "Dress Blacks". (circa 1998)


Clerical top

Before microphone w/ sacred Head Launcher and standard Clerical shirt. (Tampa, circa 2000?)



In a German Mad Cow Disease testing facility w/ standard lab coat. (Hamburg, 2002)


In political garb, announcing Presidential bid (The Savannah Theater, Sept. 11th, 1992)


As a sex therapist helping women overcome their fears of intimacy (Relax and look deep into the wheel!) 2005


Mad Doctor

Some impromptu medical examinations for another film (in 2013)... Just bend over and say "Ah!"


Devil Joe Mama

Wearing no threads at all! (2002)


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