You are walking down a hallway of HATE, approaching a dark door from which there is NO RETURN. Think carefully before you enter...



If you are UNDER 18, use anti-depressants, have an I.Q. below 90, or if you're a politician who likes to exploit recent high school massacres to grand stand before the public and shred the bill of rights, then take the BLUE pill.


If, however, you're a superior mutant, you suspect there is a conspiracy to deny you slack, you LOVE to HATE Normals, and you're unafraid to face the horrible TRUTH or FIGHT THE CONSPIRACY, then take the RED pill.


But remember: The effects of the RED pill are irreversible. Once you've taken it, there is NO TURNING BACK...

(For GOD'S SAKE! Take the BLUE PILL!)

You've been warned.


This page has challenged troubled souls.